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How Distil can help ensure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile search is on the rise and in the next year it’s predicted that 95% of Australians will own a smartphone.

With Australia already boasting the second highest smartphone penetration per capita in the world, having a mobile friendly website has become essential for your business.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Mobile usage is growing 3 times faster than traditional desktop usage, yet over 80% of Australian businesses still don’t have a mobile version of their website.

This is set to change pretty quickly, as mobile friendly websites ensure that consumers have a better user experience and are less likely to abandon your website for a competitor.

The main reason for investing in a mobile friendly website is so you can make your business and products more accessible to consumers.

You may have one of the best desktop websites out there but if it’s not dynamic and mobile responsive then you could be losing a lot of business unnecessarily.

Recent surveys undertaken by Google have found that 61% of users will leave a website if it’s too difficult to load on their mobile device.

A large percentage of searches for local business are undertaken on mobile devices.

As searches can be hugely affected by the geolocation, having a mobile version of your website will help your business target these searches in a more direct manner.

Over 80% of users take some form of action to engage with a business following their mobile search and if you make it difficult for users to access and use your website, you could be losing out!

great mobile website Design

Creating a mobile friendly website that’s optimised for search engines (SEO) is not as difficult as you would think. When creating your mobile friendly website make sure you:

• Create a mobile version of your website that is quick to load. 80% of users abandon a website on their smartphone or tablet if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load.

• Make sure key information is easily accessible. Consumers use mobile websites is to find things they need quickly.

• Keep the amount of text to a minimum to ensure the user can read it all - most mobile screen sizes are pretty small.

• Make it easy for customers to contact you by including a 'click to call' and 'send an email' options.

• Incorporate a great search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy into your mobile friendly website.

• Keep your mobile friendly website simple and clean with an option to continue to the full website if users wish.

Mobile friendly websites are a relatively inexpensive option and are compatible with all devices, compared to other options such as Apps.

Developing a dynamic mobile friendly website will encourage consumers as mobile users are more likely to buy from a company that has a mobile friendly website.

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